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A Dancer Emerges

Rangapravesam, which means “ascending the stage’ in Sanskrit, is a full-length solo dance performance. It marks the transition of the artiste from a student to a blossoming dancer. Accompanied by a live orchestra, this performance demands that the dancer exhibit an understanding of the many aspects of Kuchipudi, from sensitive expressions to intricate rhythm, blending grace and vigor.

Several of Sarada’s students have performed their rangapravesams, full-length solo recitals, after years of training.

Jason Sreedhar

Jason Sreedhar performed his rangapravesam in August 2004. In addition to performing widely in the Richmond-area for various Indian cultural events and at the Virginia Dance Festival, he performed at the Siva-Vishnu Temple’s 2002 Siddhendra Aradhana and organized, and performed in, an Indian classical dance performance to raise funds for the Borgen Project. Jason also travelled to India for further training under Sri Hari Rama Murthy and Smt. N. N. V. Satyabhanu at Kuchipudi Kalakshetra in Visakhapatnam and performed alongside the Kuchipudi Kalakshetra’s troupe during the summer of 2007.


Ameya Jammi